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Jason Endres was told he shouldn’t get married because his SSI benefits would be cut significantly.

Updated September 16

Congress is currently working on major legislation to address long-standing gaps in our social programs. While the House Ways and Means Committee did not include improvements to SSI in their draft legislation, members of the Senate Finance Committee have been advocating loudly for SSI improvements to be included.

The Finance Subcommittee on Social Security, Pensions, and Family Policy is holding a hearing on SSI  on Tuesday, Sept 21, at 2:45pm on needed policy updates to SSI. This is an opportunity to highlight the need to include improvements to SSI in the reconciliation package.

Potential improvements  under consideration include:  increasing asset limits, eliminating marriage penalties, repealing rules that cut benefits if friends and family help out with rent and groceries, increasing the amount of money beneficiaries can earn before their benefits are reduced, and increasing benefits.