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Webinar: Self-Direction in Managed Care: More Control to Improve Your Life

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This webinar was held Tuesday, January 29.

Sponsored by The Arc Wisconsin and My Choice Family Care

black and white photo with figures in wheelchairs holding signs of inclusion: Soldiers
This piece of art by Takeela Traner is called Soldier. Takeela self-directs her art coach.

Wisconsin residents with disabilities and older adults who need long-term care services have many options to receive supports in their homes and communities. Self-direction – where people receive a budget and then decide how, when and who provides a support – is a popular way for people to have more control over their lives. Yet many people do not think self-direction is possible within managed care. This webinar will give you the basics about self-direction in Wisconsin’s managed Family Care program and provide examples of ways people have directed nearly all types of services, including in-home personal care, transportation, meals, therapy, preferred Medical equipment, building materials for ramps, employment services, and more!


This webinar featured information to help people:

  • Understand how self-direction works
  • Learn the difference between self-direction in Family Care and IRIS
  • Get ideas for how self-direction can help you have more control over services and in meeting your goals
  • Hear about ways people are self-directing in Family Care


Our Presenters:

  • Betsy Van Heesch; Chief Operations Officer, My Choice Family Care

In her current role, Ms. Van Heesch provides leadership for program operations and oversight of senior level staff across such functions as Quality, Nursing, Medical Services, Best Practice, and Enrollment and Eligibility.  Ms. Van Heesch serves as a member of the executive team, ensuring operations and plans are appropriately integrated with the organization’s strategic plan and maintaining constructive relations with State and Federal partners, legislators, and community partners.

From July 2013 to August 2015, Ms. Van Heesch served as the Associate Director for Regional Operations and the Program and Policy Chief of the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  Prior to her work with the State of Wisconsin, Ms. Van Heesch worked for Community Care and Lutheran Homes and Health Services in leadership roles.  Ms. Van Heesch has over 25 years of healthcare administration experience.

  • Jane Westpfahl; Best Practice Self-Directed Support Specialist (SDS), My Choice Family Care

In her current role, Ms. Westpfahl provides training, develops resources, and develops policies, procedures and guidelines on Self-Directed Supports for the My Choice Care Management staff.  As a member of the Best Practice Team, Ms. Westpfahl monitors stewardship and mentors Care Management Units (CMU) to ensure quality standards are met in both SDS, and general care management practices.  Ms. Westpfahl serves as Chair on the Self-Directed Supports Workgroup and facilitates the Member Obligation Review Committee.

From August 2013 to February 2009, Ms. Westpfahl served as a Quality Assurance and Program Development Assistant for New Health Services, an SDS Co-Employment Provider previously contracted through My Choice Family Care.  Prior to her employment with New Health Services, Ms. Westpfahl worked for a Medicaid Waiver program for members with Developmental Disabilities in Oklahoma.  Ms. Westpfahl has over 29 years of experience working with adults and children with physical, developmental and mental health challenges.

  • Takeela Traner: Artist; My Choice Family Care Member

Takeela is 33 and self-directs several services in Family Care while running a successful art business. Check out her work at @TTArtCreations on Facebook.