The Arc Wisconsin continues to work in coalition with other disability and aging groups to find solutions to the Direct Care Workforce Crisis.

Here is a summary of the current situation from the Wisconsin Long-Term Care Coalition:

Many people are going without essential care or are being forced out of their homes into more restrictive settings simply because they cannot find direct care workers (DCWs). A recent survey shows that 95% of people with disabilities have trouble finding DCWs to fill the approved hours of service in their service plans. Wages of DCWs have been stagnant for more than a decade, and a large proportion of DCWs have no health insurance.  Many long-term care provider agencies haven’t seen any rate increases for years: some of them have gone out of business and the fiscal stability of others has eroded to dangerous levels. The average employee turnover rate for long-term care provider agencies exceeds 50%. The Wisconsin Long-Term Care Coalition is asking the new Administration to address this situation immediately to reverse these trends and prevent further deterioration of our Long-Term Care system.

Expect new information and educational events on this issue throughout the year.

Who will Care for You? A Crisis in Care Community Conversation – January 23, Milwaukee