baby photo with you might be a caregiver if phraseThe Arc Wisconsin is joining members of the Wisconsin Family and Caregiver Support Alliance in planning for November Family Caregiver Awareness month. In Wisconsin 60% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (of an estimated of 55,000) live with their family. A recent national survey that included Wisconsin families indicated ninety-five percent of all caregivers  were stressed out with nearly half describing themselves as very or extremely stressed.

Help us recognize the contributions of family caregivers this November. We will be sharing a formal proclamation from the Governor  at a November 1 Caregiver Month event in the Capitol. Please start making plans now to attend the Madison event and bring caregivers and others with you to fill the room.

Another way you can help:

We are collecting fun stories and photos to share every day throughout November. We would love to share your caregiver story, too.

Here’s what you can do. Think about your ending to the phrase: You might be a caregiver if… send us a photo to go along. Send your ideas (you must include a photo, too) to: .

meme photo of two people hugging with phrase you might be a caregiver if

If you would like to try making your own “meme”, follow these instructions and send us your creation!


  1. Go to (you do not have to register or log into anything).
  2. Click ‘Upload image’ in upper right hand corner and select a picture from your computer to upload
  3. Click the yellow box that says “Click here or drag an image here” and select the picture you just uploaded.
  4. In the “Top Text” box, type in “You Might Be A Caregiver If…”
  5. In the “Bottom Text” box, type in your response –Then click the green box that states “Make the Meme”
  1. Then right click and select either ‘copy image’ and paste in email and send to me; or select “save image as” and save to your computer, then attach it to an email and send it to