Lisa Pugh with Rep. Edming and Staff

The Arc Wisconsin has been leading the charge to pass disability employment legislation in Wisconsin and now we need your help!

The Employment First bill, which will be the first of its kind in the nation when it becomes law, will have TWO committee hearings on Wednesday, January 10th in the State Capitol.

Please come to Madison to testify about why people with disabilities should be hired and how they make good workers!


legislator and people standing at podium


What: The Assembly Committee on Workforce Development Public Hearing on Assembly Bill 625 ; Senate Committee on Workforce Development, Military Affairs and Senior Issues Public Hearing on – SB 514


These are both bills to increase competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities.

When: Wednesday, January 10, 2018, at 11 AM for the Senate Committee and at 12:30 PM for the Assembly Committee

Where: State Capitol, Madison – Room 413 North (GAR) for the Assembly bill; Senate location to be announced


Here is a link to a resource that can help you to prepare – a guide from the State Legislature on giving public testimony:

More about Assembly Bill 625 and Senate Bill 514:


Several state agencies have responsibilities to fund services to help youth and adults with disabilities get jobs. The services are often fragmented and sometimes duplicated. The Department of Public Instruction, the Department of Workforce Development (including DVR) , and the Department of Health Services through programs like Family Care and IRIS spend significant public funds to prepare people for work. Despite their efforts, many people with disabilities who want to work still do not have jobs; many youth sit at home after leaving school and many employers find the support system hard to navigate across departments.

AB 625 and SB 514 require state agencies with responsibilities in this area to collaborate and develop a joint plan to help people with disabilities get employment in the community.  The collaboration required under this bill will help agencies work better together, braid funding, and align policies so it is easier for people to get the support they need to find and keep a job and to eliminate any duplication of services. State agencies will have to set goals to increase competitive integrated employment in Wisconsin.


Things to remember:

• Prepare ahead of time and write out your testimony or key points;
• Keep your testimony to only 2 minutes total and practice ahead of time so you won’t need to read from your paper; Better yet, plan to testify with a group of people;
• Bring at least 20 copies of your testimony;
• Show up early;
• If you cannot attend in person, you can email your testimony to the Committee chairs and