On November 8 The Arc Wisconsin along with partner organizations the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD), Disability Rights Wisconsin and the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources (GWAAR) hosted an informational webinar about the latest on Supported Decision-Making in Wisconsin, including a bill that many hope will soon become law.
Listen to a recording of the webinar here.
View the webinar slides Supported Decision-Making Webinar
Want to learn more about Supported Decision-Making?
Watch this helpful video from The Arc
With Supported Decision-Making, the Person chooses a Supporter(s)—trusted relatives, friends, and people with expertise in an area—to help them gather information, understand their options, and communicate their decisions to others. Supported Decision-Making can be used for decisions about housing, health care, financial affairs, employment or other areas. With Supported Decision-Making, the Person always makes the final decision.
Supported Decision-Making does not replace guardianship or power of attorney options, rather it provides an additional option for individuals and families seeking assistance with some or many life decisions. Learn more by reading this FAQ: Supported Decision-Making FAQ
In Wisconsin, the state legislature is considering legislation to add Supported Decision-Making as a legally recognized agreement. If you think Supported Decision-Making sounds like a good idea, you will want to learn more about this bill and check back with The Arc Wisconsin often! Sign up for our alerts!
Here are some other helpful resources on Supported Decision-Making:
– BPDD’s Supported Decision Making Toolkit
– The Arc’s Future Planning Build Your Plan® Tool – (includes guided questions for supported decision-making)
– American Bar Association resolution on supported decision-making
– Supported Decision-Making Basics for older adults (Justice in Aging)
AARP Guide for Supporters (specific to financial support – TX)
– The Arc webinar on supported decision-making in healthcare
– More information from The Arc on promoting autonomy
– Additional resources related to supported decision-making
Quality Trust Presentation on Supported Decision-Making

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