Congress is proposing significant changes to how Medicaid will be funded in the future. Stay informed!
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Next Steps for Advocates – Protecting Medicaid 4-25-17
On Friday, March 24 Congress decided not to take a vote on their harmful cuts to Medicaid programs that would have impacted Wisconsinites with disabilities, including those who use Family Care and IRIS. Wisconsin advocates for people with disabilities were part of a major coordinated effort to educate policymakers on this issue. The Arc played a significant leadership role in efforts nationally. Here is an example of The Arc Wisconsin advocacy in Madison in the days leading up to the vote: WisconsinEye Interview March 22.
Members of The Arc and other disability advocates who made calls, had meetings and sent messages made a difference on this issue.
Congress and the President have promised to continue to propose changes to the Medicaid program, including through the administrative process. See this letter from US Secretary of HHS Tom Price and his Medicaid Director Seema Verma to Governors : Medicaid Letter to Governors
Stay tuned for more updates on changes to Medicaid programs in Wisconsin and nationally.
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The Arc Wisconsin’s Director, Lisa Pugh, and co-chair of the Wisconsin Long-Term Care Coalition, Lynn Breedlove, are going on the road with a presentation to share insights on plans for cuts to  Medicaid spending that will impact Wisconsin residents with disabilities and the local economy. Medicaid serves more than one million Wisconsin residents (2/3 who are people with disabilities or children) and brings in $5 billion. Congressional plans to block grant or set a per capita cap for federal Medicaid funding will significantly reduce funding and impact the 20 programs and supports that people in Wisconsin use including Family Care, IRIS, personal care, Katie Beckett and other supports and therapies for children.

See this presentation updated 3/15/17: Per Capita Caps and Next Steps for WI